Chicken broth and Candida diet

It took me a few years to cook to appreciate the value that broth and chicken, in fact all types of broth and chicken, bring to cooking. What was once a kind of specialty item in my kitchen has now become a mainstay on my weekly shopping list. I frequently purchase both chicken broth and vegetables and stock for a variety of my family’s favorite dishes. It never seemed convenient to create and keep my own, so I rely heavily on commercially available products.

Although there are many types of broth and stock available in the supermarket, most of them contain ingredients that could be dangerous to your health. Because I do not want to consume dangerous ingredients and since I follow the candida diet, a diet to help treat candidiasis, choosing a suitable chicken broth can be a challenging task. Candidiasis is a condition in which the yeast (candida) exceeds the body due to numerous external factors. This excessive growth of candida can cause many health problems. Often patients with candidiasis go through years without any explanation for their health. The candida diet is the main form of treatment for candidiasis, but one of the banned ingredients in the diet is preservatives, and commercially available chicken broths and stocks are infamous because they contain them.

We found that the most commonly banned ingredients in commercially available broths include monosodium glutamate (MSG), yeast extract and citric acid. All three of these additives are used to preserve and / or enhance flavor. All three are also subjected to the fermentation process by which yeast and / or bacteria are added to change the substance into a form suitable for commercial use, and yeast is a banned ingredient in the candida diet. MSG, yeast extract and citric acid can all be derived from a source of sugar or carbohydrates. Many of these original sources are also banned in the candida diet. In addition, MSG has come under fire in recent decades due to numerous studies that have revealed that it causes a wide range of health problems. The yeast extract actually contains MSG, so some concerns should be mentioned. In addition to the three additives already discussed, sugar is another ingredient that is often found in commercially available broths and stocks and is also banned in the candida diet.

So how do you find a broth or chicken broth without MSG, yeast extract, citric acid, sugar or any other preservative? This is not an easy task, but I have found some brands that can be used in the candida diet. More than the gourmet chicken stock, Trader Joe’s Organic Free Range Broth Chicken Broth and Image Foods Organic Free Range Broth Chicken Broth seem to have ingredients that are fine for the candida diet. I bought more than a gourmet chicken stock from Whole Foods. Image Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth is quite readily available in the organic food section of most supermarkets. Trader Joe’s Organic Free Range Chicken Broth can only be purchased at Trader’s Joe’s. I mostly use Trader Joe’s because it is the most affordable at about $ 2.29 for 32 oz. I hope that these suggestions will give you the convenience of using commercially available chicken broth and soups without compromising the candida diet.

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