Menu planning and inventory accumulation

As part of the frugal buyer and the “queen of coupons”, saving money exceeds the transaction at the grocery store. There are at least two other important aspects that go hand in hand that help me to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to me.

They are simply stacking stocks and planning the menu.

First, stockpiling occurs when I find an item for sale at a low price, combine it with a coupon, and buy the item in large quantities (how many coupons do I have on hand for that item). For example, Ragu pasta sauce was recently marketed at Walgreens. In combination with the sale, if you purchased 8, you also received Registration Rewards. I took out 8 coupons for Ragu and bought them, getting the sauce for around $ 38 a jar. At the same time, I noticed that another store had pasta for sale, for which I also had an abundance of coupons. I was able to stock up on pasta for just $ 0.50 a box.

Now, there are some needs when stockpiling. The first would be coupons. Secondly, it would be space. You would be amazed at how much space you have when you are organized. Third, you need to know the prices. For starters, this may require keeping a price book. Or for others, you are experienced veterans here and you can easily recognize a good deal. And finally, there is the financial aspect. My advice for beginners is to start slowly, possibly accumulating only one or two articles a week. It is a construction process. Don’t shock your budget (or wallet) by trying to do too much too fast. Know that sales are cyclical, which means that the item will be on sale again. Watch it next time, prepare the coupons and then buy it at a fraction of the cost.

Now when it comes to menu planning. Some might think that these are two unrelated topics. But in reality, they work together. I think menu planning is vital for the temperate shopper. It is important to know what you need to provide meals for your family. First, make a list of what meals your family enjoys. Then make another list of what ingredients are needed to make these meals. Now you know what to look for in sales brochures in the coming weeks.

I always print an empty monthly calendar from my computer. While I am deciding the meals I will prepare for next week, I always return to the stock pile. For example, if I know I have pasta and sauce (which you know I have!), Then you know for sure that at least one night we will have spaghetti, ziti, lasagna, etc …. That’s how the two methods work. together. I know what I have on hand, I know what is for sale and I know what meals will be suitable for this week.

I know this may sound like it takes a long time. It really doesn’t work because you work from week to week. At first, there is some extra time in preparing the lists, but it will be worth the money you will save. Again, none of this happens overnight. It took me 3 days to get all my coupons in binder back in the summer !! So, go at your own pace as time allows and you will reap the benefits.

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